About Us




Dreamdragons came into being as a result of a project developed by the Glyndebourne Opera Educational Staff. Over a period of many months the people of Ashford, guided by Glyndebourne staff, created an opera 'Dreamdragons' which was performed to enthusiastic reviews ot the stour centre. The project began in January 1992 with research in the community and in school workshops where ideas, stories dreams and themes all associated with Ashford were examined and put to music. Katie Tearle, Glyndebourne’s education organiser, paid tribute saying: "Ashford people answered the Dremdragons challenge every step of the way." Frank Hughes reviewed the Dreamdragons opera saying: "If this be Opera, give Ashford more of it. From the rocking and rolling Ugly Brothers to the cockney pub landlord with his nice little development plans when the Tunnel open. Dreamdragons captured the hearts and imagination of the audience on its first night. It could not be more topical. The magic potion took time to work as the story of Ashford unfolded in the first half, but in the second it was as if the referee had given the team a pep talk. The tempo was raised, the audience hooked and the finale came all too soon."

The show was a great success and left those involved anxious to get another fix of greasepaint and spotlights. Thus in 1993 was the DREAMDRAGONS COMMUNITY THEATRE GROUP born.


The next production by the group was an epic undertaking. At the request of the Ashford Borough council, Dreamdragons prepared a show to celebrate the opening of the channel tunnel. Rehearsals started in February 1994 and the show went on in May, again at the stour centre. The show charted the history of the channel tunnel area, starting with the prehistoric era and moving forward to the current day. A highlight of the show was the flying of a scale model of louis Bleirot’s plane across the auditorium to a symbolic crash on stage.

'Time Tunnel' was an immense undertaking for a fledging group but it was very successful. The effort involved a huge number of people and an exhausting production weekend. The show attracted several new members to the group and it was clear that the enthusiasm to perform still remained. The group began to plan future events and has grown from strength to strength and as we gain in experience we have attempted more demanding shows.